Bio-on produces and circulates documentaries that can easily convey the particular nature of PHAs obtained from agricultural waste or secondary carbon sources. A large number of international interviews can be viewed through the major search engines. This dedicated page (Video) makes available a limited selection of what is published on the web (YouTube) or edited and produced by Bio-on S.p.A.
Grand Opening 20 June 2018:
The Film
Avant Garde
Rai Petrolio
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Life after plastic
In 2013 Bio-on will launch a series of videos that will help provide a better understanding of the innovation values created by our team of researchers and designers. A new type of biopolymer, replacing plastic as we know it today, without compromising on performance and versatility.
Biodegradable in water and compost, and a natural production cycle without the use of organic solvents.
These are the ingredients of the best type of biopolymer known today: PHAs.
Episode 02
Episode 01
Rai Superquark
Earthrise explores solutions to today's environmental challenges, taking an upbeat look at ecological, scientific, technological and design projects the world over.
Our reporters meet inspiring individuals and communities leading the way in a field few can afford to ignore.
Minerv Esperienza Italia
Bio-on was chosen to represent the future of Italian biochemistry.
The exhibition is a journey that begins in the present and leads to a view of Italy in the future: what we will be and what we would like, through ideas that are already emerging in the territory and will become part of our lives in the next ten years. Because the future is not utopia, idealism or science fiction; it is made up of all the minor and major stories from people working every day. The heart of the exhibition consists of the ideas, prototypes, products and processes that represent the best expression of Italian creativity and innovation. They come from public institutions, private research centres, big companies and individual inventors.
Green Building Production
Bio-on has entered a partnership with the architect Enrico Iascone. Thanks to the low environmental impact in Bio-on's PHAs production, a production model that is as close to nature and as sustainable as possible has been planned. A large yet low-cost project that enhances the space for people, the materials used and the environmental impact. The modular structure is expandable and can be constructed anywhere in the world. The design envisages an expandable output capacity of 10 thousand tonnes/year of PHAs.
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Il secolo sintetico Rai Storia
Italian state radio and television has partnered with Bio-on to explain the future of plastic starting from the history of plastic. A documentary produced by Giuseppe Giannotti and Davide Savelli about the synthetic 20th century. Italy is a main player in the advent of plastic, with the Nobel Prize awarded to scientist G. Natta. The documentary illustrates the epic history of plastic from its origins to the present day. A great innovation that changed the way in which everyone lives across the world. This important document shows how biopolymers, and particularly PHAs, represent the continuation of this experience. Plastic is changing in its nature, not in the way it is used or its technical characteristics. From plastic made from oil to plastic made from nature.
Rai Storia
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