TECHINT E&C to build plants for production of revolutionary PHAs bioplastic designed by bio-on
Global collaboration between the two companies starts today
Milan/Bologna, 6th March 2012 – bio-on has chosen to work with Techint Engineering & Construction to build plants for the production of PHAs bioplastic, 100% natural-biodegradable and made using waste materials from sugar beet and cane production. The technology developed over the last five years by bio-on (with the by-products and collaboration of Co.Pro.B.) can now be created worldwide on an industrial scale, with plants producing 10 thousand tons/year. The skills, experience and global presence of Techint E&C are thus teamed with the innovation of bio-on, sole owner of the technology for producing PHAs from agricultural by-products, without the use of organic solvents and at a particularly advantageous cost.
So what will change? From today, manufacturers of traditional plastic around the world, as well as new market players, will be able to enter the world of PHAs bioplastic rapidly, with clear costs and guaranteed production systems. In two stages:
- Acquisition of bio-on license
- Plant construction by TECHINT E&C
"Our business model, based on production technology licensing and on the exclusive development of the various grades of PHAs biopolymer, is now teamed with the skill of such a large global group as TECHINT E&C," explains Marco Astorri, bio-on managing director. "This way, we can make available to the entire world a revolutionary technology for the production of PHAs biopolymer, an extremely high-performance bioplastic that is fully biodegradable in soil and water".
"Our focus on new production technologies in the world of polymers gains in strength with this deal with bio-on," comments TECHINT E&C CEO Paolo Bigi. "This innovative technology represents a great opportunity for the future of biopolymers and coincides with our mission to create industrial plants for cutting-edge, eco-friendly production. The policy adopted by bio-on, which focuses on technology licencing, paired with the presence of Techint E&C in over 45 countries around the world, gives us the advantage of being able to supply Ready to Use facilities to meet the growing demand for truly eco-compatible bioplastics such as the PHAs developed by bio-on".
About Bio-on
Bio-on was founded in 2007 to work in the field of modern biotechnologies applied to widely used materials in order to create completely natural products and solutions, obtained 100% from renewable sources or agricultural processing waste materials. PHAs: Polyhydroxyalkanoates (truly biological plastic) for the full range of strategic applications (general packaging, food packaging, design, clothing, automotive).TARGET: Bio-on directly targets the agriculture and food sector (production and distribution), providing all players with the technology required to produce or use PHAs through the development of the relative characterisations. PROJECT: Intellectual Property Company. From the design office to the pool of engineering firms and labs engaged on an ongoing basis in the design, production and distribution of Bio-on know-how. The production of PHAs is restricted, area by area, through technology usage license contracts or industrial partnerships dedicated to specific commercial areas.
About Techint
Techint Engineering & Construction (Techint E&C) is part of the Techint Group, comprising six main companies operating globally with an overall turnover of 22 billion dollars and over 55,000 employees. As an EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Techint E&C builds plants that require proven management capability and in-depth knowledge of the countries in which it operates. In its almost 70 years in the business, Techint E&C has created complex projects in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa in many sectors: refineries, chemical and petro-chemical plants, LNG regasification facilities, energy production, infrastructures, architectural and civil works, pipelines and mining facilities. Adopting cutting-edge systems and procedures and thanks to its Engineering Center in Mumbai (India), Techint E&C uses the technologies that best adapt to the requirements of each client. The company has built up a reputation of excellence, thanks to its engineering capability, expertise, qualified resources and advantageous solutions. The health and safety of employees, partners and subcontractors is fundamental for Techint E&C, which operates in full compliance with international ISO / BS / OHSAS standards, including ISO 14001 (Environment).
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