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Bio-on - "turn ON" BIO! "Turn OFF" pollution!
This is what ON's about! ON means positive. Everybody knows what ON means!
It's a matter of 'turning on' to a better life. For us all! Bio-on is currently engaged in efforts to build a more sustainable future in the field of widely used plastic objects.
Our proprietary know-how regards the production of PHAs (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) - known among forward-looking people as the best of all biopolymers.
A new generation of linear polyesters to replace and improve PET, PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE ... For a world in which, to build, we needn't destroy. And, to produce, we need only to grow...


As a product, MINERV-PHA™ fully exploits its excellent biodegradability factor in water. This type of polymer biodegradation represents the 'future' of biodegradability worldwide. Natural elimination of a biopolymer in water in just a few days is a rarely achieved result and, furthermore, an exceedingly tough challenge. MINERV-PHA™ is the first top-performing biopolymer produced from sugar co-products or sugar waste material for which this vitally important aim has ever been fulfilled. MINERV-PHA™ dissolves in 10 days, when in normal river or sea water, and it leaves no residues.

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